15-16 March, 2018
Radisson Blu Hotel

Explore the

disruptive ecosystem

of blockchain technology!

15-16 March, 2018
Radisson Blu Hotel

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About the summit

Blockchain is likely to
become the technology
with the biggest
impact on the world.

As industries, governments and tech enthusiast are understanding its massive potential, blockchain technology is now growing at an unbelievable speed.


Join us at Blockchain Summit Romania as we explore and unveil new key elements of this revolution.

Together with technology passionate we will debate the scalability of the platform and the algorithm behind it. We will discuss about regulatory restrains and legal structures with representatives of government bodies, and we’ll encourage venture capitalists and industry representatives to debates on new application and business ideas. In just two days you will connect with all those who are now shaping the ecosystem.

So, whether you are an innovator, a venture capitalist, a financial service representative, a member of a governmental organization or already working in blockchain, we welcome you to Blockchain Summit Romania.


Why attend

  • Stay in the conversation and build your network

    Blockchain Summit Romania will bring together key representatives from all the blockchain ecosystem so you can connect with those who are relevant for you.
  • Find new applications in the Internet of Value

    Blockchain applications are currently being used in decentralized exchanges, distributed cloud storage, digital identity, intellectual property, but these is so much more yet to discover. We will also talk about how blockchain can change Artificial Intelligence or Virtual Reality.
  • Be part of a rapidly growing global phenomenon

    Blockchain Summit Romania is also a good opportunity to see where the hottest investments will be made and what’s new of the CIO agenda.

Our advisors

  • John Lilic

    Director of Enterprise Operations at Consensys

    On the for profit side, John is dedicated to delivering solutions that enable companies across industries and geographies to benefit from simplified technology landscapes, integrated processes, streamlined operations and improved agility and performance the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem delivers. John holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics, Development Economics and International Economics from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada and is also currently a candidate for a Masters of Science (MSc) at Hariot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland in the field of Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation with a focus on renewable energy technologies, electrical power systems, distributed generation, demand management and storage. John is also currently serving as Director for Business Technology Development, Strategy and Operations at ConsenSys, the leading Ethereum blockchain software development group in the World where John and his team focus on enterprise services and interactions with many Fortune 500 organizations as they embark on their Ethereum discovery process. Partners include Microsoft, Deloitte, RWE, RedHat and The Dubai Government among others. Prior to ConsenSys, John was focused on distributed energy resource development at his role with LO3 Energy, a New York City start up, where John worked on developing the Brooklyn Microgrid, the TransActive Grid and Project Exergy.

    On the non profit side, John is the co-founder of Code to Inspire is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to educating female students in Afghanistan and improving their technical literacy by teaching them how to code and helping them find employment as programmers. Code to Inspire recently partnered with Google, PwC and Github to continue its efforts and expand educational services in Herat, Afghanistan.

Ticket pricing

    250 €
    Available until 15 March
    Starting with 3 tickets
    200 €
    Available until 15 March
    350 €
    Starting with 3 tickets
    300 €


Romania is one of the best host to empower discussions on blockchain.

The country is on its way to becoming a powerful regional tech hub, the new Silicon Valley as some have sad, with extremely talented developers and global companies that have chosen to invest and grow their competences here.


Also, Romania it’s a great place to enjoy your time. Bucharest is well known for its night life, amazing food and well coming people. And if you plan to stay for a few more days, we are happy to help you explore Transylvania or other great attractions.

Our Summit will take place in Bucharest, at Radisson Blu Hotel, in the center of the city.

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Blockchain Summit Romania is organized by Blockchain Consulting, one of the first consultancy companies on blockchain in Romania. We are a team of blockchain enthusiasts, traveling around the world to explore the potential of this decentralized ledger and offering organizations and blockchain new adopters the consultancy they need.